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Planning and setting up a Wellness facility for your resort or hotel is not an easy job. It requires years of hands-on experience and on-the-job hard work to understand what works and what does not. With that well-earned knowledge, insight, and awareness we at Bodycare24x7 Wellness help you to plan, create & manage successfully a profitable wellness space and destination. In the future, the world is likely to be obsessively focused on wellness and safety. Wellness will move from the realm of an additional hospitality service that helps resorts and hotels earn revenues, to the center stage. India’s ancient wellness traditions have received immense interest from the domestic and international markets.

Our Wellness Consultancy includes the following Creating the Wellness Concept and Vision Analysis of the existing business Suggest Requirements Create Services, Projections, Costing Provide Staffing solutions Create a list of major, minor equipment, and products Suggest marketing strategies including social media strategy Suggest ways to manage Inventory & analyze business Suggest training & audit process Suggest the Guest Feedback Monitoring System Suggest the Key Process Indicators We will Show you the opportunities Create a detailed execution plan for how we can achieve your goals Give you detailed pricing on how much it will cost and timelines For Consultancy please call us or email us at [email protected]

From where to start a Swedish massage? Will it be from the head or from the feet or from the back or somewhere else? How much oil to use? Why to use scrubs and wraps? What are the advantages of using natural products for body scrub or facial such as Aloe Vera, Milk, Papaya, Coffee, Red Wine, Yoghurt, and Honey? How to greet the guest? How to communicate? How to maintain hygiene standards? Training of therapists is the most neglected part of any resort or hotel which has a Spa. This is the reason why quality goes down and complaints happen. Our trainers are the best in the industry as they have trained hundreds of candidates. We train the Spa therapists in each and every aspect which is crucial to their job roles.

For arranging a training session for your therapists contact us. [email protected]

Spa Academy admissions staff will contact you within 5 business days to confirm receipt of your application and give you further instructions. As part of your application process you will take part in an interview before being notified of your acceptance to your chosen Full-Time Program start date.

A non refundable 1200 administration fee is required to hold your seat in our course. Can be paid by Cheque, Debit, Cash or Credit Card. e-Transfer can be sent to [email protected]

Apply for Student Financial Aid and other methods of funding

It’s never to early to begin applying for financial aid, 3rd party funding, bursaries, or scholarships

You can complete the entire application process for Student Financial Aid before even being accepted to a Spa Academy program All student services performed at Spa Academy receive – at the very least – a pre- and post-check to ensure the students are on the right track and competently perform your service to the best of their ability.

Primary Students are practicing new skills and have less experience. They require longer appointments and more instructor interaction during services. Sr. Students have developed their skills further, are more time efficient, and require less interaction from our educators.

Some customers may require the skill set of a Sr Student. We strive to match the needs of the client, to the student skill set. We kindly ask you co-operation in booking with the appropriate student. Failure to do so may result in loss of appointment, and we would hate to disappoint you. Please note that depending on the level of difficulty or medial conditions, some clients may require professional level service.


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