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Head Massages

Coconut Oil / Olive Oil / Indian mustard oil / Ayurveda Oil

Disc Heal Naturally

Reducing the stress placed upon the spine may help ameliorate the pain.

Knee Bending Leg Pain

Hamstring tendonitis, which leads to pain behind your knee and thigh.

Ligament Injury Knee Therapy

To reduce swelling that happens within hours of the injury.

Aroma Massage

Therapy is to use all the beneficial properties of the essential oils to help keep your body and mind relaxed. The oils are massaged into your skin or blended with other oils or inhaled as steamAwaken your senses with a customized Choose from a collection of essential oils for a calming, energizing,

Swedish massage

A Swedish full body massage includes the following steps Stroking Kneading Gliding Tapping Rubbing PoundingRelaxing that many fall asleep while undergoing it This traditional massage incorporates long, relaxing movements to increase blood circulation, improve skin and muscle tone, and soothe any

Deep Tissue

Massage where the deep and underlying tissues (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints) of the body are targeted ultimately relieving pain Using vigorous, deep strokes, stretches and friction, this massage is designed specifically to prepare the muscles for exercise and to help sp

Signature Experience Scrub

Experience Bodycare24*7 Signature therapy with a specially customized body scrub.


Reflexology is a gentle technique of applying pressure to specific points on the feet which improves cognitive health.

Back Facial

A Back facial is relaxing and exfoliates an area that you cannot get to on your own. Designed for both men & women, a back facial effectively combats acne, exfoliates dead skin and moisturizes deeply.

Apple Green Tea Body Scrub

For normal to oily skin. Detoxifying and reviving.

Herbal Body Scrub

For all skin types. Provides brightening and smoothing effects.

India Ayurveda

Detox therapy is designed to reduce stress and eliminate impurities from the body. It is delivered using herbal oils that are most beneficial for healing and detoxification.

Anti-Cellulite & Firming Body

Helps eliminate excess fluid while tightening skin

Udwarthanam Dry Powder Therapy

Udwarthanam is a companion of an xfoliaaon, mass e therapy and is administered using a specially-prepared dry powder to improve blood circulalaon and treat numbness of the limbs. In dry herbal powder is applied as a scrub all over the body. This treatment also exfoliates the skin to give a toned and

Turmeric Body Scrub

Turmeric scrub with ac e Curcumins, using gentle scrubbing strokes, promotes flawless skin for an even skin tone and glow. A cream base scrub with Turmeric that is known for its skin lightening properes and is tradionally used i Ayurveda for Indian brides. Free of harsh chemicals like parabens, blea

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Reduces Back & Shoulder Tension – Stiff Back Relaxation – Deep Muscle Stimulation A soothing massage specially designed to alleviate backaches and shoulder pains. This invigorating massage treatment helps to reduce fatigue and maintain the elasticity of muscle fibers. This therapy stimulates blo

Oil massage with body stretching

This therapy is geared towards Sports persons of every kind, from world class professionals to regular gym users to weekend joggers. It focuses on areas of the body which are over used and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. It helps to manage pain and injuries, improve flexibil

Pregnancy Massage

Help to reduce symptoms and discomfort associated with pregnancy. pregnancy Massage improves circulation, which allows to transport clean air and healthy value to the tissues better. This then provides your child with better nutrition and clean air supply. There are lots of befefits of Pregnancy Mas

Baby Massage

Babys tummy troubles and teething pains, boost his muscle development, calm him when hes fussy, and soothe him to sleep. But the advantages dont stop there: All that stroking and touching make it easier for you to bond with your newborn.

Thai Treat

A blend of Thai and aromatherapy massage techniques to stimulate blood circulation and relieve aches and pains. Medium- to deep-pressure oil massage is followed by steam-heated Thai herbal ball compress.

Bamboo Massage

Combines elements of three Asian massage therapy traditions – Thai, Balinese and Japanese Shiatsu – with soothing warm oils to ease away stress and ensure total relaxation.

Cinnamon Or Coffee Scrub

Cinnamon is rich in plant compounds known as polyphenols, such as cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde, and various flavonoids. These boast anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help fight cell-damaging free radicals and many more cellulite reduction by dilating blood vessels beneath the skin a

Couple Therapy

It can help you clarify your feelings about your relationship. Relationships are challenging for everyone. ... It can help resolve relationship roadblocks before they become impasses. ... It can deepen intimacy and connection. ... It can help promote self-awareness and personal growth.

Head & Shoulder Therapy

Relieves muscle tension & reinforcing your oxygen level in the blood, pressure kneading & gliding strokes that stimulate your mind and ease stress It reduces fatigue, improves sleep cycle and balances the natural body energy.

Balinese Massage

Form of traditional Indonesian massage originating from the island of Bali this massage is a combination of acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy in to one session.Increases Blood and oxygen circulation unblocking each of their specific pathways.Alleviate the stress and tension which builds up i

Rejuvenation Therapy treatment

Focuses on pressure points that relieves muscle tension & reinforcing your oxygen level in the blood Soothes Mind & Body Medium pressure kneading & gliding strokes that stimulate your mind and ease stressIt reduces fatigue, improves sleep cycle and balances the natural body energy